Liv’s Life: My Experience With Getting My Ears Pierced!

Hey guys!  Surprise!  I said in my last post that I was getting my ears pierced tomorrow, but I actually got them done today!  I really, really wanted to make a post about ear piercing, because I was absolutely terrified on getting them done!

OK, so ever since I was little, I have never really been interested in getting my ears pierced…I’m not too sure why, but I guess having arthritis and tumors and stuff made me not want want to have even more excess pain from getting my ears done.  Out of the blue, about a week ago something clicked in my head, and I really wanted to get them done!  I have heard lots of mixed stories on the pain level, so I was a scared!  I have been in a jewelry faze all summer, and I guess watching beauty youtubers for the past two years has made me want to get them!  Also, I am starting to think about what I want for my birthday, and I am interested in some Tiffany and Co. things, and I couldn’t help myself but look at the earrings…anyways….I was going to get my ears done tomorrow, but my mom offered to take me today, and I couldn’t pass it up.  I almost didn’t do it because I was too scared (yeah, a fourteen year old), but with all of my quotes and bucket list and things that I have been doing to motivate myself, I really couldn’t chicken out.

Long story short, I picked out a pair of crystal studs, and got them done!  Did it hurt?  NOPE.  Everyone tells me it doesn’t hurt, but then doesn’t say how it feels, so I always feel like they are lying!  But seriously, it doesn’t hurt!  I got both ears done at the same time with the guns, and it happened so fast that I barely felt it!  There was no stinging or burning or anything, it was just sort of annoying.  Keep in mind that I haven’t had anything on my ear before, so that part was a little strange too.  When I was little I’d always DIY clip on earrings, and the best way that I can describe the ‘pain’ is when you have a clip on earring on for a long period of time, and it sort of starts to stay on too hard.  It’s sort of like having on a pair of sunglasses that are too tight for you.

Now, for the next six weeks I have to clean them three times a day, and spin them once a day.  Then, I can take them out and wear a new pair!  I am planning on getting these for my birthday from Tiffany’s!  Yay!  I sort of planned it out because my birthday is exactly two months from now, but my birthday party will be a little closer, so I should be able to wear these as soon as I get them!

I just can’t believe that all these years of looking at earrings, and now I don’t have to ignore them!!  YAY!  If you don’t have your ears pierced, and want to…I promise you…it doesn’t hurt and it’s so worth it!  I have already twisted and cleaned my earrings today, and it doesn’t hurt at all.  It makes me so happy to think about, because now I can buy earrings!  I have the Kate Spade Spade Earrings on my list of to-buy too!

Anyways, yeah…it didn’t hurt, it’s totally worth it!  I have a few posts planned for the weekend, so stay tuned!  Have a goodnight!  Thanks for reading!

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