SOFC Week 3: Favourite Apps & Websites Day 1- Lockerz, Pinterest, & weheartit

Hey guys!  So this week I got one vote for the theme to be favourite apps and websites, so that’s what I’m doing!  Thank you for voting! (:  I am planning on grouping all of my accounts together, and in this post I am going to be showing you the three accounts I have that are most similar.  We have Lockerz, Pinterest, and weheartit.  I am just going to be giving mini reviews I guess!  Let me know if you have any requests for this week!

I spend so much time on these sites because they are so easy to use, just click and you can go back to it whenever, and they are amazing for inspiration.

So as I said, all three sites are pretty similar, in the fact where you look at pictures, and save your favourites.  Why do I have all three, you may ask!?  Well, to be honest I just really like looking at pictures…haha…I get a lot of inspiration on there, especially for blog posts.

Lockerz is probably the one that I like the least out of the three.  I am pretty new to the website still, I think I just started like two weeks ago.  All of the pictures on there are great, but you usually can’t look at new ones for a while…For the other two sites you just refresh the page to see new ones, and on Lockerz, it’s not like that, at least not for me.  Also, all of the pictures that you see are all grouped by who pins them.  So, if people are searching say ‘dogs’, then in the misc. section, all you see is pictures of the same dogs because it is one person on the feed…does that make sense!?  If you have one of the three accounts I’m talking about, you will probably understand me a bit more.  Anyways, the pictures are excellent, I just wish it was a bit of a different setup.  Here’s a screen shot to show you guys.

OK, onto weheartit.  It’s a very cool site!  Very similar to Pinterest, except this one is honestly just for girly things.  Fashion, Paris, clothes, cute animals, shoes, stuff like that.  You ‘heart’ the pictures you like, and they get added into a category of your choice, for you to see whenever you please.  Once again, great pictures.  Here are a couple screen shots so you can sort of get the gist.

OK, and the last one, Pinterest!  I love Pinterest because it so, so easy to use, and it seems ‘friendly-er’ than the other two for some reason.  Anyways, you’ve heard me talk about the way these sites work, so I’m not going to explain it again!  Pinterest has tons of pictures of just about everything.  Lots of DIYs too.  Here are a couple of pictures (:

Here’s my page! It is like heaven for me…

I hope you enjoyed!  Talk to you guys tomorrow for SOFC!  Goodnight!

Wanna know my links!?  (And my accounts for these! ^)


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