StumbleUpon: Uncommon Goods

Hello again!

Here’s my last post, if you’d like to hear an intro! (:

Another site I found is which is a site where you can find just what it sounds like, uncommon goods!  Haha, there’s lots of great gift ideas on there too.  There’s “unique gifts and creative design”.  If your looking for a gift for someone and have no idea what to get them, this site looks like it would be great to check out!  There’s everything possible; jewelry, kitchen decor, and even stuff for pets!  It’s almost like etsy the way that it is very unique.  There’s also a very wide range of prices, so you can find anything for anyone.

Anyways, I think I’m going to show you guys one or two more, so stay tuned!

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PS, please vote for next week’s theme for SOFC!  You can do it here!  Thanks!


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