SOFC W2: Summer DIYs That Will Come In Handy #3- Summer Body Scrubs

Hey guys!  So for today’s post, I am going to be showing you a few DIY Summer Scrubs.  There are quite a few different ones that I’ve been seeing on my Pinterest, so I am going to share!

diy: summer scrub

summer scrub.

And here’s another one!

*All links and tutorials are attached to pictures!

For the summer time, it is important to exfoliate your skin to keep it looking healthy!  It’s also nice because in the summer legs build up with dirt and sweat (ick), and you really get it all off with these scrubs.  All three scrubs are very summer-y!  Keep in mind that while you’re at the beach you can easily make your own little make-shift scrub by just using the water and sand!  It can be a little harsh (so be careful, add more water than sand), but it is a natural scrub that is free to do, and super simple and easy!

What would you guys like to see for next week?  Talk to you soon!

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Here’s some more ways to make scrubs!

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