SOFC W1: My Summer Favourites #5- Accessories & Jewelry

Hey guys!  Happy Friday!  So today I have some summer favourite jewelry and accessories for you!  I think this might be my last day of My Summer Favourites, but I’m not totally sure yet…The reason why I am thinking of cutting it here is because then I can get other posts up that aren’t all the same theme.  I am also still not sure about next week’s theme…I will not be able to do DIYs next week because I don’t have anything prepared for them because this was my first week of summer.  I might end up doing DIYs every once and a while so that it isn’t so stressful doing a whole week straight.  Or I might post them in one week but just have them all pre-wrote… guys let me know!

So basically lots of statement necklaces, scarves, and stacking bracelets!

Let me know what your favourite summer accessories and jewelry are, and also let me know what you think next week’s theme should be!  Thanks!  Talk to you guys soon!

Wanna know where else to find me!?


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