SOFC W1: My Summer Favourites #4- Bright Clothes & Current Wishlist

Hey guys! So I’ve been out alllllll day…so I don’t have too much of an exciting post for you guys, but I am going to show you a little bonus of my current wishlist!  I have already showed you the Bright Clothing collage that I made in this post, but the favourites is new!

Here’s the bright clothing collage!  Bright colours are one of my favourite things for summer!  Hence why they are in this post…

Loving mint…as always.

So from left to right, we have a Return to Tiffany necklace, double sided…hello birthday!  And then beside it there’s a return to Tiffany bracelet, and then there’s my MK buckle ring (just bought today online!!!!!), and the matching bracelet.  Then we have Maybelline Green With Envy (thanks to CarlyCristman) and Pop Magic Mint (thanks to missglamorazzi).  Then there’s a Vera Bradley backpack (it’s the fourth day of summer break and I’m thinking about what backpack I’m wearing to school in September).  And then there’s a House of Harlow necklace, and last, TOMS.

So those are my favourite bright summer clothes, and my current wishlist!  I have another post coming up right after this one, so stay tuned!  Talk to you guys soon!

What is your current wishlist?  Let me know in a comment!

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