LivTravels: Quebec City Haul!

Hey guys!  Welcome back to LivTravels!  I’m on summer break now, so I will be posting the rest of my Europe videos and my QC video very soon!  But for now, I am going to show you my Quebec City haul!  I took pictures of everything that I bought, so here you go!

Here’s a romper (the same one from my France haul but in black!) from the kid’s section of H&M. I told you, I’m super tiny!

From Simons

Another one from Simons! It’s almost like a sweater dress (I’m going to try it with tights soon) but it is actually a shirt! Haha

Another from Simons

Only Olivia. A sparkly cat shirt (with Quebec on it!). Man am I a good shopper. ;)

Just a plain belt from H&M

All of my jewelry! Purchased from a little boutique, a copper museum, and the Grand Canyon gift shop!? (:

So when we were there, all of the girls discovered like the best store ever!  Simons!!  It’s a huge clothing store that has good quality things for pretty inexpensive.  We saw quite a few during the trip.  They are only available in QC, but you may be able to order online!  Here’s a link to their site!  At the bigger one in the mall even was like a department store with different brands!!  Seriously amazing!  I wish I had more time in there!

Anyways, I will talk to you guys very soon!  Bye!

Wanna know where else to find me!?


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