Liv Loves: June 2012- PicCal & Island In The Sun

Hey guys!  So this month I have some amazing favourites!  I have lots of things to go through, so lets get started!!

I have so many favourite songs this month!  My first favourite song is Forever And Always (Piano Version) by Taylor Swift.  AMAZING!  I love this song so much!  Another favourite song by Taylor Swift is Speak Now.  I have always hesitated buying Taylor Swift’s songs, but when I actually buy them, I never regret it.  And my last favourite song is Island In The Sun by Weezer.  I remember watching Aquamarine and Holiday in the Sun years and years ago, and both movies have this song in it, and it always made me smile.  Well last summer watching thesummerhood on YouTube (love them!), I rediscovered Island In The Sun from their intro.  And now I love it so much!  It is definitely in my top 5 favourites!

OK, so onto some favourite apps of the month!  My first favourite is Instagram, of course!  I post on Instagram a ton, with lots of OOTDs, and stuff like that!  My username is livlaughsmile!  Another app fav is PicCal!  I’m not too sure if I’ve talked about it yet in one of my posts, but is basically a calendar, but instead of blank spots for every day, you take a picture and a picture appears!  June was my first month doing one 100%, and I totally love it.  I know I say I ‘love’ a lot of things, haha, but I really think this app is a great thing to get!  It’s free for the regular version and I think a dollar for the pro version.  Making my Summer Bucket List I went through a lot of other peoples’, and I kept noticing that they had “take a picture every day” on them, and this is perfect for it!  Here’s what mine looks like!

OK, onto my random other favourites!  Pinterest, of course…Uhmm…fashion!  Haha, I’ve been loving putting outfits together!  And same with jewelry!  I have been wearing so much jewelry lately!  Like I said, if you’d like to see what I’m wearing, check my instagram!  Also, I’ve been trying out Lockerz, weheart it, and Viddy, so check them out too!  I am still trying out Lockerz, and seeing how I like it, but if all goes well I will update you guys with a link to my favourites on there!

Talk to you guys soon!  Let me know your favourites of the month in a comment!!  Bye!

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