Liv’s Life: Monthly Survey #4 & Happy 200th!

Hello again!  Goodness, tired of me yet!? (;

Happy 200th post!  Yay!  Thank you guys so much for reading!  Here’s to two hundred more.

Anyways, I am going to get straight into the questions!

Date: July 2nd 2012

1. What are some goals for the month?  Stay productive!  It’s summer break and I tend to get lazy!  And also, to do all of the blog posts that I need to do!  Including SOFC and my photo checklist!  And to put all of my Europe and Quebec videos up!

2. What are you excited for this month? Everything!  It’s summer!  Camping, shopping, heat!  Everything! Haha

3. Current nail polish? Red and white for canada day, and on my toes I have China Claze For Audrey.

4. What are you doing right now? Nothing..

5. Current weather? 29 and sunny!

6. New favourite songs? Hit the lights by Selena Gomez, Forever and Always (piano version) by Taylor Swift, Speak Now and Enchanted by Taylor Swift.

7. Things happening today? Blogging like crazy!

8. What’s something high up on your wishlist at the moment?  My Michael Kors Buckle Ring (getting it on the 5th!!), TOMS, House of Harlow Station Leather Necklace.

9. What are some posts upcoming? My QC haul, a whole ton of DIYs!! Yay!

10. What is your favourite thing to do recently?  Look for more DIYs!

11. Favourite product to use recently? My skin care routine!  Coming soon!

12. What do you hear? Fix You by Coldplay (covered by Boyce Avenue) and my cat purring and clawing. <3

13. Favourite thing you’ve done in the past week?  LOL so many…graduated, last day of school, Canada Day.

14. What are you sitting on?  LOL same thing as last time!

15. What is outside the nearest window? Same thing as last time haha!  I need a new location!

16. What is really close to you?  My cat!

17. Name something every colour of the rainbow near you.  Nail polish, orange juice, a picture of yellow flowers, green is a blanket, blue is a box, and purple is a dog toy on the ground haha.

18. Where are you?  Same as last time?!

19. What are some favourites this month?  I will have a whole post on them later today so stay tuned!  I have tons of favourites!

20. What’s the most exciting thing you are doing tomorrow? I don’t really know!  Maybe a DIY?!

21. Name something you are planning on wearing tomorrow.  I don’t know!

22. Anything else important?  Yes.  I love summer and that is all.

Wanna know where else to find me!?


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