Liv’s Life: Grade 8 Grad & 2 New Accounts

Hey guys!  I just want to make this post super fast because I have a huge list of posts to do!  So I promised you guys that I would show you my grad dress, so here we go!

So, my dress is from a little boutique downtown, with a turquoise sash made.  My shoes are by Sam Edelman (called Sophie).  My polish on my fingers is Butter LONDON Trout Pout, and my toe nails are China Glaze For Audrey.  My wristlet is from Coach and my necklace is by Coeur De Lion.  I had an amazing time!  I will miss my school and all of my teachers too, nine years is a long time to spend your life.  Anyways, now I want to talk about two new accounts that I’ve made!

So I have always heard about the website weheartit, and decided to make an account!  It’s sort of like Pinterest, except it is mainly just clothing and girly stuff.  It’s kind of like tumblr in a way too.  Here’s a link to my account.  It’s awesome!  I’d really recommend making an account!  And my other account is on Viddy, which is where you shoot video for I think up to 15 seconds.  It’s sort of like Instagram but in short video form.  My account is livlaughsmile, and here’s a link!  Btw, these links will also be in the ‘My Links’ page, which is linked below.

Anyways, I gotta go, but I will talk to you guys soon!  Bye!

Wanna know where else to find me!?


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