SOFC 2012 Week #1!!!

Hey guys!  So I have another really exciting series for you!  I have a lot of posts and videos that I have to do for you guys, but this challenge has been on my list to do forever, so I hope you don’t mind if a couple things get delayed a couple of days!  This series is called The Summer Of Fun Challenge 2012.  Basically, each week is going to have a theme, and I have to do something within that theme everyday!  At the beginning of the week I will post what the theme is, and at the end of the week I will post the results of the things I do!  For example, on a Monday I posted saying that the challenge of the week is DIYs, and that I would have to do at least one DIY each day of that week, and then I would either post everyday what I did as a DIY for that day, or at the end of the week I would do a recap of all seven DIYs.  You get it!?  I’m so excited!  I will be having a DIY theme for maybe next week, but this week is too crazy!  All of the themes will vary…there will be themes that are just posts, and there will be posts where I actually do things, and then post about them.

This week’s theme is: My Summer Favourites

Talk to you guys soon!  Have a great weekend!

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