Spotlight: MindNode

Hey guys!  So today I have a review coming to you!  A long time ago, I downloaded this app, and then stopped using it.  Well, I have just recently re-found it and I love it!  It’s called MindNode.  It is a app that can be found at the app store (on the mac too) that allows you to make webs for lists.  For example, if you want to do a list on things to do in the day, you can have groceries, cleaning, and randoms branching off.  Then, you can have things like cleaners, fruit, and dessert branching off groceries, and then have things like strawberries, grapes, and oranges branching off of fruit.  It is a lot more organized than making one of these on paper too, because I find that I always run out of space.  Here’s an example.  It’s one that I made for my room when I re-do it.

You can change the colours, positions of braches, fonts, font sizes, stuff like that.  I usually like to make lists on paper, but this is so much more organized when you have lists with lots of sub-topics.  The lite version is free only for macs, and the app for the iPhone or iPad is 10 bucks.  It may seem like a lot, but it really pays off!  I would show you guys the one that I made for my blog posts to do, but I want them to be a surprise ;)

Anyways, I gotta go!  Graduation tonight!  Woohoo!  I promise I’ll show you guys pictures!  Oh, and I only have two more days of school, and then expect the rest of my Europe trip to be uploaded, and my Quebec trip!  Talk to you guys soon!  *and check my instagram out for more pictures of grad!!  Link below.

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