Hey guys!  So this is probably like the most exciting post I have ever done…it’s my summer bucket list!  I have two other summer related things I am working on right now, and you guys will see those later!  I was thinking that I would post this next friday when it’s my first official day that I can start working on this bucket list, but it’s gonna be so busy!  After four months, here it is!! 

  1. Make a silly music video or advertisement.
  2. Take lots of pictures and don’t delete them!
  3. Eat outside a lot.
  4. Go to a cottage.
  5. Blow bubbles.
  6. Buy ice cream from the ice cream truck.
  7. Make a lunch that’s not Kraft Dinner.
  8. Quote funny things often.
  9. Set a helium balloon free with a message.
  10. Put together a Summer video.
  11. Make shirts.
  12. Get a tan.  That’s right this redhead will TAN.
  13. Build an awesome sand castle.
  14. Make another collage.
  15. SMILE!
  16. Play volleyball.
  17. Go a long time speaking with an accent.
  18. Work out as much as possible.
  19. See a shooting star while camping.
  20. Make another Bucket List for grade 9.
  21. Do at least 5 things from how to tick people off.
  22. See a shooting star.
  23. Play frisbee.
  24. Freeze a water balloon and pick off the balloon part.
  25. Give my dog a bath.
  26. Re-act a situation from a movie and see if anyone notices.
  27. Make a cookie cake.
  28. Laugh until I cry.
  29. Mentos & Coke.
  30. Go outside a lot.
  31. Roll down a hill.
  32. Make a Summer playlist.
  33. Buy something random. (of at least some sort of use!)
  34. Wear more dresses and skirts.
  35. Get two splurgy things.
  36. Make a silly list.
  37. Go to Dairy Queen a lot.
  38. Re-do my room.
  39. Make my nail polish rack!!
  40. Make a smoothie.
  41. Have a milkshake that isn’t plain chocolate.
  42. Go to the flower garden at the park.
  43. Go down a slide.
  44. Bake a ton.
  45. Paint something.
  46. Buy something from Kate Spade.
  47. Learn all of the words to a new song.
  48. Make a dream journal.
  49. Carve into a tree.
  50. DIY.
  51. Use PicCal everyday.
  52. Work on my life Bucket List
  53. Do the Summer of Fun Challenge!  
  54. Buy The Hunger Games the day it comes out.
  55. Buy something matching.
  56. Spread stickey notes around town.
  57. Play badminton.
  58. Do something I normally wouldn’t do.
  59. Have an official summer song.
  61. Do the Summer Photo Challenge.
  62. Draw a ton.
  63. Put all of my music on shuffle while writing blog posts.
  64. Get sandals.
  65. Go bowling.
  66. Stargaze.
  67. Make everyday count.
  68. Fill everything with lyrics and quotes.
  69. Complete my life board.
  70. SAVE money.
  71. Blog a ton.
  72. Finish my quote jar.
  73. Make a memory jar.
  74. Shop downtown more. 
  75. Get 50 followers.
  76. Trip to the art store.
  77. Watch all of Big Brother.
  78. Write in the sand.
  79. Go to the Trading Post and visit an old resort.
  80. Maintain my room being clean.
  81. Eat at least two elephant ears (funnel cakes).
  82. Eat gummy sharks and watermelons.
  83. Dance in the rain.
  84. Catch a fish.
  85. Curl hair a lot more.
  86. ENJOY swimming.
  87. Dress up more.
  88. Pick a favourite quote.
  89. Make bubble art and blog about it.
  90. Make a quote.
  91. Finish my list of posts to do and make a new one.
  92. Upload my Quebec and Europe videos….oopsie!!
  93. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk.
  94. Have a full on shopping day.
  95. Play croquet 
  96. Buy my MK ring.
  97. Buy a perfect mint nail polish.
  98. Buy a flat iron.
  99. Buy lots of jewelry.
  100. Buy something from the Trading Post.
OK, that’s about it!  As I cross stuff off, I will cross it off on here, and make posts about them probably on Liv’s Life too.  I highly encourage you to make one too!  I made mine not only because I thought they were pretty cool, but also because I need to stay productive when I have that much free time on my hands!!  Yay!  Are you guys off on summer vacation yet (if you’re in school)? PLEASE, PLEASE let me know if you made one and what are some things that you think I should add onto mine!!  Talk to you very soon!  Have an awesome week!

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