Glam Up: DIY Customized Decor

Hey guys! Currently I am at home, but when you are reading this I’m in Quebec! Yay! Anyways, I have been looking at lots of crafts on Pinterest and Craft Gawker (if you want sneak peeks to posts, check out my accounts!), and have found a really easy and simple way to spice up a little area of your home with customized bottles! You can use these for putting candles in, for putting vase filler/marbles/crystals in, or just to leave empty for a piece of decoration. You can also use this with jars to organize your room. I think it would be cool for a gift too! You can use it on lots of different things too, like on a canvas for art, on drawers to label them, lots of little things like that.

I found this tutorial, where all you do is take a hot glue gun, write/draw what you want, and then paint over it! It leaves the hot glue drawing there, and looks really awesome! I am sure I will be trying this soon!

Talk to you guys later! Let me know if you try this, and what you tried it with!

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