TGIF: 2 Big Favourites & DIY J. Crew Necklaces!

Hey guys!  Happy Friday!

I’ve been a little obsessive with jewelry and accessories lately.  I have been searching all over looking for DIYs on things, and have came across lots of J. Crew jewelry…but it’s kind of pricey.  But, I found two DIYs on their necklaces, and wanted to share them!  $40 vs. $3

$150 vs. $20

*links for tutorials are in pictures*

So, now onto my favourites!

This week I have been loving two things a lot!  The first one is Taylor Swift, surprise, surprise.  I think my new all time favourite song is Forever and Always (Piano Version).  It is amazing!  My second big favourite is Pretty Little Liars.  OMG.  Season three premiered Tuesday, and it’s Friday and I haven’t stopped thinking about it.  I have read about half of the books, but I am not much of a reader, so I switched over to the show, and OMG SO GOOD.  I cannot wait until next Tuesday.  I don’t think I have ever liked a TV show so much.  Haha, you can watch it here if you missed it.  I am about to watch it for the third time right now.  I don’t really have any more favourites…I am also trying to save some for my monthly favourites…but I honestly couldn’t wait!  I love these two sooooo much!

Let me know if you like Pretty Little Liars in a comment!  Talk to you soon!

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