Liv’s Life: Grad, PLL, & Quebec City

Hey guys!  I haven’t really done a random Liv’s Life post in a while…I’m gonna do one now!

I AM SO STOKED FOR GRAD!!  Ahhhhh!  I have my dress, shoes, necklace, wristlet, everything!  I will be posting pictures from grad on here once it comes around, but first, I will be posting my Quebec City vlog!  We are going for five days, and holy moly they are going to be a packed five days.  We have like everything planned for every hour.  I am not going to be doing a day by day like I did for Europe (and still have to do for Europe….I haven’t forgot about it!!) because it will be too hectic, but I will do a one video vlog combing all of the footage.  I’m so excited!  And for grad too!  I love my dress so much!  I’m not going to give away anything about it because I want it to be a surprise!  Haha, I just picked out the “sash” (belt) for it yesterday, and I LOVE the colour.  I’m sure you can guess what colour it is!  I think I have already showed you guys my shoes on my Pinterest…if you can find them!  Oh, and Instagram!  I have been posting OOTDs on there and stuff, so check it out in the link below!

OMG PLL IS THE BEST SHOW EVER.  You guys have to start watching it!  I just mentioned in my last post that it is like the best show I’ve ever seen.  So Mona is A, but who else?  The Black Swan?  Melissa?  What was Spencer doing talking to ‘unknown’ in the motel!?  I wonder if Wren has something to do with A because he was at the mental health clinic with Mona…LOL so many questions!

Tell me what you think of A in a comment!  I feel like making a PLL Tag…haha would you answer the questions!? 

Wanna know where else to find me?


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