Liv’s Life: Monthly Survey #3

Hello!  It’s time for a monthly survey!  It’s the beginning of June, and it’s been over a month since the last one.  Here we go!

Date: June 3rd 2012

1. What are some goals for the month? Stay calm, and work hard!  I only have like two weeks until there’s no more work at school, and it’s gonna get stressful!

2. What are you excited for this month?  OMG EVERYTHING!  Every year the grade 8s go on a trip to a different city/province, and we are going to Quebec City!  I also have grad (OMG SO EXCITED), and HOLIDAYS!!! AHHHH.  I will take you guys along with me in Quebec, and for grad.  I’m so stoked!

3. Current nail polish?  OPI What’s With The Cattitude?, OPI Gone Gonzo! on ring fingers, and Butter LONDON Slapper on toes.

4. What are you doing right now?  Sitting in my pajamas, watching to Nova play Minecraft.  I’m actually a little sick too…

5. Current weather?  About 17, dreary.

6. New favourite songs?  Fix You by Coldplay, covered by Boyce Avenue <3, and Hey, Soul Sister by Train.

7. Things happening today?  Nothing!  Hopefully working on some english stuff for a project.

8. What’s something high up on your wishlist at the moment?  My Summer Wishlist!  A camera, my MK buckle ring, bauble bar rose gold bracelet, naots, stuff like that.

9. What are some posts coming in the future?  I have a whole list!!  My Month In Pictures, My SBL!!  A ton of stuff..

10. Favourite thing to do recently?  Work on my SBL!

11. Favourite product to use recently?  I don’t know!

12. What do you hear? TV, & Nova yelling.

13. Favourite thing that you’ve done in the past week?  It’s been pretty dreary all week.  I don’t really know!  I really enjoyed seeing my family yesterday!

14. What are you sitting on?  A futon in the spare bedroom.

15. What is outside the window closest to you?  My backyard.  Clothes & flowers.

16. What is really close to you?  Orange juice, a blanket.

17. Name something red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink around you.  Our ironing board cover, orange juice, a notepad, my scarf, my pajamas, a curling iron, and nothing pink!

18. Where are you?  The spare bedroom!

19. What are some favourite this month?  I have a whole post on them here!

20. What’s the most exciting thing you are doing tomorrow?  Coming home from school haha.

21. Name something you are planning on wearing tomorrow.  I honestly have NO idea.  I will probably do an OOTD on instagram though!

22. Anything else important?  I LOVE JUNE!!  (:

OK, that’s about it for my May survey.  Talk to you guys soon!

Have any requests?  Let me know in a comment!  Leave your answers in a comment too!  I’d love to hear!

Wanna know where else to find me?

Here’s my last Monthly Survey


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