LivLoves: May 2012- Taylor Swift, Nail Polish, & Stacking Bracelets

Hello!  Can you believe that JUNE is here!?  School is almost out!  YAY!

So today I am just going to be doing a favourites post.  I love doing these because I get to share my favourites…obviously!!  Here we go!

So my first favourite is Taylor Swift.  I just have been listening to like all of her music this month!  Mean, Sparks Fly, Ours, and Safe and Sound are my favourites!  I am trying to get more into Taylor Swift, so let me know what your favourite song is by her!

My second favourite is the song Fix You by Coldplay covered by Boyce Avenue.  I first heard this song in Charles and Ali’s wedding video, and just from there have loved it!  It like makes me cry because I love it so much.  Wow that was really cheesy.  But I do really love it!  I promise! LOL

My next favourite is actually a combination of eyeshadows….haha this is kind of silly by putting it in my MONTHly favourites because I just tried it today, and LOL it isn’t even May anymore…but I do want to include it at least!  Anyways, everyone on YouTube was raving about the Maybelline Color Tattoos a while ago, so I went and picked up one.  When I got home I was a little disappointed because it creased a little on me, and I knew that what I wanted it for, it was not a good product.  Well, today I used it (Bad to the Bronze) with MAC All That Glitters Eyeshadow, and it looks great!  I really like how it gives lots of dimension!  If you have those two products, try them together!!

Another favourite of the month has been working on my Summer Bucket List.  I’ve been mentioning it since march now, and I have been working on it ever since.  I’m really excited to share it with you guys!  It is almost ready, and I will release it around the last week or so of June.

Doing my nails is also a huge favourite!  I have kept them painted almost all month, and I think it’s just really fun painting them in the summer because there are so many different colours to pick!  Haha, I love it!

So, I have been carrying my Longchamp bag to school sooooo much lately, I guess it’s a favourite.  I have I think the smallest Pliage with long handels….?  Maybe…I have two of them, and they are great for just about everything!

My last favourite is honestly no surprise.  STACKING BRACELETS!  OF COURSE!!  I have been finding a whole bunch to make lately, and I have so many already made…I have like a whole pile on my desk!  If you have any requests for bracelets, totally let me know!

That’s about it for my favourites!  The next time I am doing this will be when I am on summer holidays!  YAY!  I will have quite a few more posts up in the next little while I’m sure.  But for now, have a great night!  Talk to you soon!  Bye.


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