Tip Of The Week: To Do Lists

Hey guys!  So it’s time for another tip of the week!  This tip is going to be about lists.  I love making lists, and encourage everyone to make them.  I always make sure that I have lots of paper around the house so that I can jot things down easily.  Recently, I have been writing to do lists.  I will usually have one list of priorities for each day, and another for things I’d like to get done throughout the week or month.  Currently, I have a Posts To Do, Things To Do, School Supplies, Camping Packing, and Room Lists.  I am so obsessed with them!  I just wanted share this little quick tip, because it really helps get everything done!  I remember I read somewhere that you are more likely to do something if you right it down.  Totally!  I feel like I am always overwhelmed, so it’s nice to not have to think about what you have to do, because you have it all written down.  I have a little cute notebook that I will write things down in too, so if I’m on the go I can easily access my To Do list.  I also would recommend the Wunderlist app for the iPad or iPhone for lists!

Talk to you guys soon!  I’m still working on my Bucket List here, it’ll be up in a month or so! Bye.


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