Liv’s Life: Summer TAG!

Hi AGAIN!  Haha, I promise, this is the last one!

1. When did you/are you getting out of school?  I am getting out of school I believe June 28.  I know, late!
2. How long is your summer vacation this year? My vacay is from the end of June till mid September.  About 2 months.
3. What are you most excited for this summer? Haha, I don’t really know!  I am mostly just excited to be off school and hang out with friends.  I’m sad that I don’t really have anything to be excited for!
4. Are you going on any vacations? If so, where?  I am not sure.  We are going camping with Karly, and we might be going to the US for a week or so.  I’m not sure.
5. What is your song of the summer? I really don’t know!  Unless there’s another song that I find, I love We Are Young by fun. and Where We Used To Run by Landon Austin.
6. What’s your favorite trend for this summer? Brights!
7. Do you have any summer traditions? We always do one big thing, like camping or whatever.  I also love getting ice cream every summer.
8. Are you going to any camps?  Nope.
9. What is your favorite summer snack?  Fruit!
10. Are you working a summer job? Nope.
11. Do you have a favorite summer memory? Lots!  Balsam Lake, hanging out with friends…stuff like that.
12. What is your all-time favorite makeup product for the summertime? I don’t know!  I really like Stila Kitten eyeshadow, and Stila Smudgeproof Eyeliner in Lionfish.
13. Would you rather be laying out tanning or in the water? Depends where I am!  Usually in the water, but it depends who I’m with and stuff.
14. Are you going to any concerts this summer?  Not planning on it!
15. Would you rather wear flip flops or sandals?  I don’t own sandals, but sandals!! haha
16. What do you want to get out of this summer?  I just want to relax, and just kind of find out who I am a little bit more.  I am a very aware person, and it is hard for me to have things changing always, so it will be nice to kind of regain my sense of knowledge of who I am and where I stand.  I also want to do EVERYTHING on my summer bucket list!  You guys will see that in a month or so!  So hello future, if you’re reading this in September 2012 or later, did I finish everything!!? ;)

Haha, anyways, I will talk to you guys soon!  Please let me know if there are any more tags you’d like me to do!


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