TGIF: Long Weekend Last Minute Fruit Snacks

Hey guys!  Happy May 2-4!  So, I know a lot of people have plans this weekend, and some of them include having people over for lunch or dinner.  We are!  Anyways, I have some quick little snacks to share!  They are all pretty quick to make and will be a big crowd pleaser.

Yum! chocolate chips in raspberries! YUM! Pina Colada Pops. 1 can pineapple chunks, in juice. 1 banana. 1 can coconut milk. 1/2 tsp vanilla. Mix & Freeze. 117 calories per popFreeze yogurt + strawberries

*all links are attached to pictures

1. Grind up your favourite fruit and freeze em!

2. This one is really easy, just push a chocolate chip into a raspberry!

3. Pina coloda ice pops!  Instructions in link!

4. Frozen yogurt covered strawberries!  Yum!

So, what are your plans for this long weekend?  Let me know!  Have a good one.

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