Tip of the Week #1- Coral, Coral, Coral, Coral, oh- and Coral

Hey guys!  Ummhmmmm…another category.

I really wanted something that I could just quickly do every week, when I don’t have much time to post, so I came up with this!  I am also doing a few more little categories that are going to be taking place soon!  Anyways, onto the tip!

Coral is like the most amazing colour on this planet…Especially for summer!  You can get away in ANYTHING coral.  Coral jeans, coral polish, coral lips…seriously…anything!  It is the crazy colour for summer and spring, and everybody is wearing it!  I highly recommend having something in your closet that’s coral, because it is a HUGE trend!

What’s your favourite trend for summer?  Do you like coral?!  Oh, and be sure to let me know any recommendations for upcoming posts!

Check out my video I posted yesterday!! (& stay tuned for one tonight!) 
Here’s my last (real!) post:  WebFind: 21 Photos That Aren’t Photoshopped!
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