LivTravels: Day 2 & 3 Is Uploaded!

Hey guys!  I got days two and three up!  I merged them because there wasn’t much footage for day two.  Get ready to come along to Germany now!  We go back to Paris, but we went to Germany day four!  I will have another video uploaded tomorrow if nothing bad happens, but it might be overnight because it totally takes over my computer when I am uploading!  Haha, I’m not sure, but I’m pretty positive that I will get it up tomorrow!  I might even edit two videos so that I can have them both uploading at the same time tomorrow night!  Anyways, here it is!

Oh yeah, and I will have my TGIF post up tomorrow, and will be experimenting with some stackable bracelets, so I should have a stackable bracelets post up sometime soon too!  Be sure to check out my Instagram too because I have been posting pictures a lot more frequently on there!  A few sneak peeks are: Outfit of the weeks, my month in pictures (june), things that make me smile (favourites), tip of the week, my summer bucket list (at the end of june), and a summer challenge!!  If you have any more suggestions for posts or series ideas, PLEASE let me know!  Talk to you guys tomorrow!  Enjoy the video!

Check out my video I posted yesterday!! (& stay tuned for one tonight!) 
Here’s my last post:  Tip Of The Week: Coral, Coral, Coral, Coral, oh and- Coral
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