Liv’s Life: Video is Uploading…I think!?

Hey again!

So I wanted to let you guys know that the reason why I have been taking so long with the videos is because I’m stupid!!  As soon as I got home from Europe, I was all over it.  Then, I had an issue because all of the clips weren’t transferring to iMovie.  Well, it turns out I had a setting on where it only showed the clips that I transferred for that movie.  Anyways, I’ve got editing down, but how do I upload!!?  I tried it a couple minutes ago, waited about an hour, to find that it didn’t upload.  It didn’t say anything after it finished, and I just went to my channel, and nothing happened!  I’ve heard something about exporting…*googling*

OK, so I just saw that I have to convert it to a quicktime file, and then upload it.  I will try it right after I try to export it…and see what it says.  Please let me know!  I will google all night.  Sorry if I don’t have it up tonight!  I promise that it’s all ready to go, but it just needs to be uploaded.  Anyways, keep checking.  livlaughsmile10

Talk to you soooooonnnnn….grrrrrrrrrrr……….LOL bye.


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