DIY Stackable Bracelet: Woven Chunky Chain

Hey guys! So, you know how obsessed I am with stacking bracelets for the spring and summer.  I have talked about it before, and if you follow my CraftGawker or Pinterest, then you know that I have been saving tons of pictures of them.  Well, I came across one by a blogger that goes by “Honestly WTF”, and I fell in love.  They have amazing tutorials and DIYs on their blog, so check them out!  Anyways, they call it the “DIY Woven Chain Bracelet”.  So, I tried the tutorial, and I made my own!

[More information]  I was so terrified to try it, because it looks so difficult, but it was actually really simple and easy.  There’s no braiding with your hands involved, just weaving the thread back and forth in between the links of the chain.  So, I went off to a local craft store, and got some chain and embroidery thread!  It was also really fast to make.  I usually make my bracelets in the matter of a few days because I get bored and tired really fast, but I did this all in one standing.  It does use a lot of thread, so I recommend buying separate thread just for this project.  You can get a bunch of thread in a pack from the dollar store, and chain from any craft store, they are very easy to find.  I am not sure the size of chain that I used, but you’ll see it in a picture.  Here’s the instructions!  I really love it and recommend making it for yourself or for a gift!  Haha, I’ve made four already!  They are under ten dollars for at least five.

You need:
-Any big chain.  You can get these in gold, rose gold, black, and silver I believe.  This would also look cool with coloured chain if you can find some!  Just make sure it has big links.  You can get a meter of this for around 8 dollars.
-Two bobby pins.  They will not get wrecked, and it just makes it a lot easier!!
-Two shades of embroidery thread.  You can also double up the shades, so have four (or more) instead of two, but combine two and two. These can be easily found at any dollar store for around a dollar, or any craft store.
-A clip board!  Oh my gosh so easy!   You can use tape or a safety pin and secure it to your jeans too, but it just isn’t as easy as a clip board.

1. [Preparation] OK, so to start off, you will need to take off a piece of the chain if you bought like a meter like I did.  Measure your wrist with the chain, and pull off the exact amount.  Now, take the thread and you need four times the size of the chain, 7-15 times for each colour.  (If you are confused, check out the original!!).  Tie the two thread sections together, and clip it to your clipboard.  Separate the two colours.  Take the two bobby pins and put them round each set of colours.  Lay the chain beside the thread.

2.  Now, take the bobby pin that is on the section of the thread closest to the chain, and pull it through the first chain link.  Once it is pulled all the way through, put the thread back to where it was before, except now it will be weaved with the chain.  Now, put the other set of thread over the set that just got weaved, and pull that through the same link.  Once again, put it out beside the chain to where it was before, and take the other set of threads and put it over the set you just weaved, and pull it through the next chain link using the bobby pin.  Each set of threads should go through one chain link once each.  Repeat the process until you have gone through every chain link with both sets of thread.

Pull the first set (purple&teal) through the first link with the bobby pin.

Pull the second set (blue&green) over the first set (purple&teal).

Pull the second set (blue&green) through the first link.

Pull the first set (purple&teal) over the second set (green&blue).

Pull the first set (purple&teal) through the second link and pull the second set (blue&green) over the first set (purple&teal). [Repeat!]

Pull the second set (blue&green) through the second chain link and pull the first set (purple&teal) over the first set (blue&green).

Pull the first set (purple&teal) through the chain link. Now, pull the second set (blue&green) over the first set (purple&teal). As I said, repeat until you are done with all of the links!

3. Once you are finished with all of the links, tie it!

Tie the knot!

Haha, I’ve made four!

You can also make it with smaller chain, which I did here.  I have also made one where I did double sides.  They look great!

There are so many different colour combinations that are possible, and they look great with whatever you’re wearing!  I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and let me know if you try this!   Bye.

Be sure to check out my Instagram daily!  I post lots of pictures on there now including sneak peeks of posts, nail of the days, and outfit of the days!  My username is livlaughsmile.


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