TGIF: Life Board & Upcoming Posts! (:

Hey guys! Sorry I have been a little MIA… Haha it’s been really busy! I will try to get back to full force soon. Anyways, it is Friday! Yay! I am not sure if I am going to get rid of Motivational Monday and TGIF for the summer because I know that I will be off, and probably most of you are going to be off too! Some of you are probably already off! Let me know! I am going to be doing at least three new series for the summer, so that is my reasoning.

So a few days ago I found this great idea on Pinterest. I really want to make one, but had no idea how to, because I knew that the stickey notes would fall off easily. So, I came up with the idea of getting a bulletin board and painting it, and then putting that on my wall, with the stickey notes attached to that. I also thought that I could put important pictures of my life on there as sort of a collage that makes me smile. I am not sure when I am going to do it, but I promise I will and will post about it! I want it to be something that I can just switch out the quotes whenever I want, so I also think I might put a jar together and put all of the unused quotes in it, so I don’t forget about them. I am so excited to make it sometime soon!

I also wanted to talk to you about some upcoming posts! My Summer Bucket List will be up in about a month and a half! I am on like number 92 and I don’t want to post it until I am close to my holidays! I get off on the 28th maybe? I think it is a Thursday. Some more posts are going to be outfit of the weeks! I recently got the app Picframe, and thought it would be a great way to share what I am wearing. I believe I have at least one more series for summer too! I am not going to give it away too much, but they are daily challenges! I also have a LivMakes: Stackable Bracelets mini series, and a pictures of the week series coming up soon. Lots of new series! Some of them are going to be just for summer, and some for always. I will get on those soon! I will probably have a bracelets post up sometime this weekend too!

Ok, now for some favourites of the week! I love PicFrame! I think it is like a dollar, and it is so worth it!! It is pretty popular, and it just allows you to merge pictures into one, like a collage. I am going to be doing just everyday posts with it sometimes, because it is great to display what is going on in my life really fast. Another favourite has been stacking bracelets, of course! I am wearing them right now, and I think they just look great with a plain top and a scarf. I have so many different types for you guys! I also have a few really great favourite songs this month. The first one is Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri. It is very slow, and some think it is kind of boring, but I like it! Another favourite song is Crazier by Taylor Swift. Love her!! I am also liking We are Young again! What is your favourite song of the week? Please let me know, I have been loving music lately, and I am always looking for more!

Gosh this is long! It is because I haven’t talked to you guys in forever!! I honestly am not promising that I will get back to posting everyday, but I am sure that I won’t go another week without posting for a long time! So, let me know what your favourites are of the week, and let me know what you think about the future posts! Talk to you very soon! Have a great afternoon. Bye!


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