Some Sparkle: My Nail, Hair, and Skin Care Routines!

Hi!  I’m going to be telling you what I do and what products I use daily on my nails, skin, and hair.

I usually shower at night, so I sleep with my hair mostly damp, depending on what time it is.   So, for my shampoo and conditioner, it usually changes.  Currently I am using Nexxus Sleekstress shampoo, and Joico Silk Result Conditioner.  I’m not a huge fan of either of them, but they’re OK.  I haven’t found a favourite conditioner yet, but my favourite shampoo is Joico Silk Result.  I have went through about four bottles already, and I just really like it.  I have tried the Joico K Pak Reconstruct Shampoo, but didn’t really like it as much as my favourite, and it’s always sold out where I get it!  After the shower, once my hair is about halfway dry, I use John Freida Root Awakening on the roots and upper half of my hair just for some extra nutrients.  This product doesn’t way my hair down, and I don’t notice much of a difference, but it is good for my hair, and keeps some of the tangles away, so I use it!  After that, I use Moroccan Oil Styling Cream on the ends of my hair.  Afterwards, I brush my hair out.  Sometimes I will use John Freida Secret Weapon if my hair is being a little annoying after that, but mostly it is all good.  That is it for my hair routine!  Some people use like 20 products on it, but I am fortunate enough to only use two or three on a daily basis.  I don’t think that’s it’s good for your hair to use that many products, and I honestly can’t see any difference by the time the day is already halfway through.

OK, onto nails.  I usually paint my nails every two or three days, and I do certain things to my nails every once and a while.  I wouldn’t really call this a routine, but it is what do to care for my nails.  Mostly in the winter, when my nails are dry, I use cuticle oil on them whenever I feel like it!  I told you, it’s not really a routine.  About every two weeks, I will push back and cut my cuticles.  I really need to get a cuticle removing gel, because I know it’s not good to cut back your cuticles, but they get kind of disgusting…anyways.  I will sometimes use a base coat and top coat too.  I will get in little stages where I use them every time I paint my nails for like a month, and then get too lazy.  Anyways, I use OPI Chip Skip first, then OPI Nail Envy, the polish, and then OPI Top Coat.

And, the last one, my skin.  I try to wash my face twice a day, but honestly it’s just usually once!  I know it’s bad, but I am just too tired in the mornings…Anyways, at night, I wash my face with I believe Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Scrub….I don’t know the name of it!  Probably about half of the time I use Clinique Face Wash afterwards.  I know it’s not good for your skin to use a scrub everyday, but it’s pretty gentle, and my skin is not sensitive towards it, so I use it!  This stuff is a miracle man!  Haha, I think it’s just the fact that it has 2% salicylic acid in it, and that’s why it works great.  It’s easy to get, from the drugstore, and feels great!  I’m not a huge fan of the scent because it is pretty overwhelming, but I’ve gotten used to it.  After I wash my face, I use either Clinique Clairifying Lotion (toner) or Biore Toner.  Then, I use any moisturizer…haha the one I’m using isn’t that great.  Any recommendations for a new one!?

So, that’s it!  I hope you got some ideas from this!  It’s pretty simple, but the products are great!  Talk to you very soon!  Bye!


4 thoughts on “Some Sparkle: My Nail, Hair, and Skin Care Routines!

  1. The only moisturizer that’s worked for me so far is the carrot moisturizer from The Body Shop ( Most of the other I’ve tried have left my skin dry. But this feels really great. It doesn’t leave my skin all greasy. I apply like just once in the morning. I know we are supposed to moisturize at night as well but somehow I’m extremely paranoid about going to sleep with chemicals on my face. If my skin feels dry at night (usually does during winter), I apply a little almond oil. It give your skin a nice glow minus all the chemicals.

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