Liv’s Life: I’m Gawking! & How the S’mores Turned Out!

Hey guys!  It’s Saturday!  I just wanted to do a really quick post saying a couple things…

The first thing is about CraftGawker & FoodGawker.  I made accounts on them, and I wanted to share them!  I know I was obsessed with those sites, and never made accounts, but it was just because I would just bookmark all of the things I liked.  Well, my bookmarks are overflowing now, so I just made an account to save all my favourite on there.  Here’s the links to my favourites on craftgawker, and to foodgawker.

So, the next little thing I wanted to say was that my s’mores worked!  I put them together like you normally would (gram cracker, marshmallow, chocolate, gram cracker), and then microwaved them for like 7 seconds (NO LONGER!!), and they turned out great!  Be careful because the marshmallow could explode after a while…less is more!  And yes, it melted the chocolate perfectly.

Anyways, that’s really it…anything else?  Nope…I don’t think so.  I will talk to you guys tomorrow with a few posts…I promise!  Goodnight!  Bye.


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