TGIF: Homemade S’mores & Stacking Bracelets!


So, it’s the end of the week!  I’m going to be sharing my current favourites, and just some random things that are in my mind.  So, my first favourite is Hey, Soul Sister by Train.  I used to love this song, and recently re-found it, and now I’m back to loving it!  The weather has been great where I live lately, and this song has been great for it!  Haha, for some reason I like to match the weather to my music… weirdo!  Another favourite are my two Butter LONDON polishes I got in Europe.  Trout Pout and Slapper.  I’ve been wearing them non stop, and I just love them!  And, my last favourite are Fudgeos (is that how you spell them!?)!  If you don’t know what they are, they are just like all chocolate oreos.  I’ve been eating them like crazy!  Oh wait, I have ONE more favourite!  RAISINS!  I always never really liked eating them because I thought they were kind of strange, but now being more mature, I have accepted that fact, and now I really like em!  I think they are nice to be able to carry around with you too.

OK, onto the title of this post.  I LOVE s’mores, and I think I am going to try to make them homemade!  I hate waiting until camping always because it’s a full year!  I am going to get gram crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, and just microwave them…will that work!?  I will let you guys know, because some people may like to know!  Haha

And now, stacking bracelets.  I have always liked the big stack of friendship bracelets, and now that summer is back, I am going to be all over that trend!  I am going to be doing more posts on the DIY bracelets that I am going to make soon, because I don’t have enough!  Today I am wearing three friendship bracelets that I “invented”.  LOL!  In grade five I remember it was really cool to make them in class, and everyone was always so ‘amazed’ at how I figured out how to do it the way I do it.  I will show you guys in another post how I do it.  And, I also have on three little beaded bracelets that I also made.  I just wore a plain grey shirt today, so I decided I’d wear them!

So, I will talk to you guys later!  Have a goodnight!  The weekend’s here!!


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