12 Questions Answered!

Hey guys!  I am just going to give you some of my random questions right now, because I’m pretty exhausted!  It’s been a full day…anyways, I promise I’ll have a post up tomorrow!
  1. Are you a good speller? Yes
  2. What kind of critters are you scared/nervous of? Insects, anything gross looking, oh especially centipedes
  3. Do you collect anything?  Nail polish, makeup, and apple products ;)
  4. What is something that makes you cringe?  EVERYTHING.  Especially the feeling of anything on my hands
  5. Do you have any weird habits?  Pushing my ring down with my thumb, oh and checking to see if there’s a bug in my drink every time I go to drink from it.  Even when I’m inside in the winter…it’s happened to me before, and I hate bugs!
  6. How well do you type?  Pretty good.  I’m a blogger I guess
  7. Do you wake up easily in the morning?  NOPE.  I mostly do on weekends though
  8. Are you anxious about anything today? Yes.  My Rebecca Minkoff bag isn’t the colour I thought it was, so now I’m scrambling to find a purse for grad.  And I hate school.
  9. What is something fun you did today?  I must say, really nothing!  Uhmm..I liked being outside for the short period of time I was…I’ll answer this the next time I do Q&A!
  10. Would you rather be in a really cold place or hot place?  Hot place
  11. Do you feel younger or older for your current age?  I am told that I’m really mature, but I feel the same age.  Maybe a little bit younger because all of the kids around me act like they’re 5.
  12. What is your own personal bedtime routine?  Haha watch tv.

OK, talk to you soon!  Goodnight!


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