Spring into Summer: Things to do on a Rainy Day


To get to the beautiful weather, you have to get through the rainy days.  Currently it is one of those icky rainy days, where all you want to do is stay in a slump inside.  Here are some things you can do on a rainy day!

1. Play a game!  Wether it is on the computer, or on a game board, these are always fun! (Balderdash is a great game!  Check out this, and scroll down to the game “Dictionary” to find out how to play it without having the board game!)

2. Explore the internet!  Check out Pinterest, Polyvore, and StumbleUpon for some great ideas and ways to spend some time.  I can spend hours on these websites…

3. Do a craft! CraftGawker is also a great site for inspiration for crafts.  Make something as a gift for a friend, or to spice up your space!

4. Organize and clean!  I know this can get boring, but it has to get done!  Blast your favourite music and turn on lots of lights!  Haha, pretend like it’s actually nice out! There are so many things that you can do even if your house looks clean.  You can clear out some old clothes to give to Good Will, you can pitch some of those old, disgusting nail polishes, clean up you iTunes library, or my favourite, my bookmarks!  I really need to do that soon…

5. Catch up with a friend.  You can get your favourite chips and a new movie, and chat away on a rainy day (:

6. Read!  Get really cozy, and pick up a good book.

7. Learn something new.  I always love to spend an hour or two just letting my mind go wild and researching things I’ve always wanted to know.  You’d be surprised what you can learn in ten minutes.

8. Bake or cook something.  This always makes it seem really cozy and warm in the house!

9. WRITE!  It’s always fun just to write about anything.  Wether it’s a story, or a diary post, I love to write!

10. Make lists!  (Try getting the Wunderlist app!! It’s great for lists!) When people ask you what you do on rainy days you can say you like to organize your life.

11. Make a hope & memory jar!  I want to make one so bad!  I saw it on Pinterest, and it’s just a jar where you put little pieces of paper with little memories that are important to you, and wishes that you have for the future.  After a while of putting slips of paper in whenever something comes to thought, once it gets full, you read them all!  It’s a great way to reflect on your past!  I’m sure you’ll see a post on this soon from me!

12. Look at all of those old photo albums.

It’s still raining here, and I started this like four hours ago.  Wow.  I hope it’s better where you live, but if not, you can do some of these things!  Haha.  If you liked this post, and want to see more similar to this, let me know!  I have lots more recommendations!  Talk to you soon!

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