Liv’s Life: Monthly Survey #2

Hello!  On April third I posted a monthly survey about me, and today I’m going to do another one!  It has been almost a month later.  When I do these surveys every month I am going to change them up, if I want to add more questions, or take out some questions.  Let’s go!

Date: April 29th 2012

1. What are some goals for May?  Wash my face TWICE a day (NOT ONCE!! It’s so bad!), be more positive, and don’t procrastinate!

2. What are some things you are excited for this month?  I don’t really know!  Everything I am excited for is in June or July!  I am really excited for warmer weather though!

3. Current nail polish? Butter London Trout Pout and Orly Rage on toes.F

4. What are you doing right now? Listening to Nova playing Happy Wheels while writing this!  Haha it makes me laugh not even watching it (:

5. Current weather?  Sunny.  I don’t know the temperature!

6. New favourite songs? Where we used to run by Landon Austin, Outside the seasons by Colorfire, Drive by by Train.

7. Things happening today? Math homework, nothing much…

8. What is something high up on your wishlist this moment?  Well, days ago I got everything I wanted in Europe…but today I’m ordering my Rebecca Minkoff bag…so that’s probably it!  And scarves and clothes…

9. What are some things you want to blog about soon? More LivTravels, a while from now a  Liv Makes, haha I don’t know!  I have been looking at tons of crafts lately!

10. Favourite thing to do recently? Watching UberHaxorNova play Happy Wheels, and looking at crafts on Pinterest and Craftgawker.

11. Favourite product to use recently? Maybe my Butter polishes?

12. What do you hear? My cat going crazy, Nova’s voice yelling and laughing, and the TV going. Great mix.

13. Favourite thing you’ve done in the past week? Go to ile Saint Louis in Paris?

14. What are you sitting on? My bed!

15. What is outside the closest window to you? Pants hanging on the clothesline, our vehicles, our deck.

16. What is really close to you? A pile of clothes on my bed.  My computer charger.

27. Name something red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink around you.  I don’t have anything red around me, orange is the pump to my moisturizer, yellow is my shirt?, green is a book, blue is like EVERYTHING, haha my walls, purple is some things I bought in Paris that are in a big pile, and pink is Butter London Trout Pout! (:

28. Where are you?  Haha my bedroom?!

29. What are some favourites from this month? All of the stuff I got in Paris!  (Link below!)

30. What is the most exciting thing you are doing tomorrow? Giving all of my friends their gifts from Europe!  And seeing all of my friends!

31. Name something you are planning on wearing tomorrow.  My favourite feather scarf!

32. Anything else important? Haha, I don’t think so!

OK, so that’s it for this month’s survey!  I am constantly mentioning my favourites (especially in my TGIFs!), so if you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more posts similar!  Talk to you soon!  Any recommendations for new posts?  I’d love to hear!

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