Glam Up: Using Vintage DIYs

Hello!  So for another Glam Up post, I am going to be sharing some ideas to spice up your space and outfit with a couple of vintage DIYs.

Old china for drawer organizers!  You could also use a big china piece as a catch-all on top of a table.

5 Minute DIY Vintage Key Necklace
Paint vintage keys and attach them to necklaces!  Awesome idea!  I love vintage keys for some reason, and I can see myself doing this project in the future!  If you are wondering where to get these things, I’m sure you can find them in any vintage stores or online.

Retro Vintage Button Necklace
Find old buttons and attach them to a chain to make this gorgeous necklace.  Buttons are so easy to find, and this is a great way to use them.

I LOVE this!  It’s a great way to store your jewelry with vintage knobs. This website that is linked to the picture also has AMAZING ideas for other ways to store jewelry with vintage!  Blown away by some of the ideas!

Use vintage maps for art!

I’m not sure if you can really see, but those are stamps!

Another way to use vintage keys is to attach them to the wall for decoration.

*All links to pictures and tutorials are attached to pictures*

Hope you enjoyed!  I actually really enjoyed making this one!  I like vintage a lot!  Talk to you soon!

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