LivTravels: Europe Day 4

Hello again.  So day four of my trip we went to the Luxembourg Gardens and the Pantheon.  The Pantheon was a pretty cool place, let me tell you!  It was where we discovered that the earth moves.  It said everything about time, and the pendulum was still going.  I can’t really tell you everything about it, because I just learned a couple things, but I do know that the pendulum just moves on it’s own, and it determines the time.  There were ways of telling the time before they discovered this method, but nobody knew about the earth moving with us on it.  Anyways…the Pantheon was really close to our hotel, and so were the Luxembourg Gardens, which were beautiful!  I’m not totally sure what the Luxembourg Gardens are, but it’s basically a big old building that is surrounded by a really beautiful park.  Between the two places that we went to was a little shopping area, so we went shopping!   There was a store called Diwali which I quickly became obsessed with.  It was a scarf store that sold great quality scarves for pretty reasonable prices.  They had I think 9 stores all around Paris, and we ended up going in 2.  If you are looking for any good scarves and are going to be in Paris, check Diwali out!  Anyways, I’m going to stop talking…here’s the pictures!

Outside the Pantheon

View of the Eiffel Tower from the Pantheon

Creepy painting inside the Pantheon!!

The whole pendulum story

Les fleurs etaient tres belles! (:

Luxembourg Gardens


(Keep in mind that if I’m leaving anything out, I’ll be showing it in a video!  My Mom mostly got pictures, and I got TONS of video!!)

I’ll have a few more up tomorrow!  Talk to you then!  Goodnight.


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