LivTravels: Europe Day 3

Hi again!  So on day three we went to Galaries Lafayette, and the Opera House.  I only have a couple pictures to show from this day, because we spent most time in the department stores.  It was amazing!  At the top of the mall, there was a huge souvenir section, and they had great stuff.  Lots and lots of selection for high end shopping!  We actually didn’t end up buying anything in the mall, but we went to H&M, and I got three things in the KIDS section.  You guys seriously wouldn’t believe how tiny I am!!  I think I am going to post a loot video at the end of my little Europe series.  I really want to tell you guys about all of the stuff I got, so I may end up blogging about all of the souvenirs I got, and then actually have a video including all of the stuff for me?  Sound OK?  Anyways, onto the few pictures!

Opera House


View from the steps of the Opera House.

Talk to you soon!  Time is going well, and I should have at least one more Europe post up.  Bye!


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