LivTravels: Europe Day 2

Hello!  So, let’s see…Europe day 2.  We were in Paris this day, and it was one of my favourite days out of the 15.  This day it rained, but it was pretty good the rest of the time.  We went to one of the two islands on the seine river, and saw the Notre Dame.  We also went on a bus tour.  The bus tour was great, and I highly recommend it.  The one we went on was called “Open Bus Tour” I think, and we took the green route.  It was a double decker bus, and we got stunning pictures.  It included pretty much every big sight to see in Paris, and I’m going to show you the pictures!  As I said previously, these posts will take a while to get published because I was a little picture crazy, and I have other things like videos and school work to do to!  I will hopefully have another one up tomorrow though!  Also, expect a link to the video in a while.  I think I might decide to do all of the posts for my trip first, and then all of the videos, but I’m not too sure.  Anyways, for now, enjoy the pictures!  (They were all taken with my iPhone 4S by the way, and it’s amazing quality!!)


Guess? ;)

Love this! (:

Hey, look!

Side view of the Notre Dame


So cool! This bridge was right beside the Notre Dame.

More Notre Dame.

Another side of Notre's amazing!

All the little details.

Notre Dame!

It's huge! It looks so tiny on camera!

Not edited! Got some cool shots when the sun was peeking out behind it!

So, that’s it!  It’s actually a lot faster than I thought…so I might have another one up today!  Talk to you soon.


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