[Fill In] Questions Answered!

So, most of you know that I’m away right now, so while I had no internet, I pre wrote some answers, so I’m going to share them with you in parts.  I will probably have a couple parts up tomorrow, and so on.  Here we go!

Fill in the blanks….

  1. Today was a ________ kind of day.  fun
  2. Our weather was _______ this morning.  strange
  3. My favourite time of the day is ___________.  3-8 pm
  4. The last thing I do before I go to bed at night is ___________. watch tv
  5. I wish that I could go _________. shopping!
  6. The first thing I do in the morning is _________.  go to the bathroom?
  7. I should of _______ yesterday. not gotten a headache.  LOL


  1. Pair of shoes?  Riding boots
  2. Jacket? My brown leather jacket
  3. Scarf? My feather one I got about a week ago.  I’ve gone scarf crazy.
  4. Way to do you hair? Probably straight, but I like to curl it and put it in a pony
  5. TV Show? Big Brother
  6. Actor? Matthew Maconnahay….I can’t google his name, is that how you spell it?!
  7. Actor over 50? IDK
  8. Actress?  I am blanking on her name, but she’s like the twin of Anne Hathaway!
  9. Actress younger than 20? idk
  10. Animal? cat
  11. Age to be? Probably early 20s
  12. Shampoo brand?  Joico
  13. Toothpaste? Sensodyne extra whitening
  14. Place to buy clothes?  Garage, Peek & Cloppenburg (LOL in Germany….), and lots of department stores.
  15. Place to buy cheap stuff?  Zellers or Wal Mart
  16. Place to get ice cream? Stratchan’s in Dunedin, Florida!
  17. Store to buy groceries? Zehrs
  18. Halloween costume? I was a fairy in grade 7.
  19. Childhood memory? Balsam Lake?
  20. College? I’m thirteen
  21. Grade? 7
  22. Class? english

I’d love to see your answers, so let me know!  Talk to you soon.  Have an awesome day!


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