Booooo :(

Hey guys, sorry I have not been posting lately. I have still been vlogging and taking pictures that I will eventually show you guys, but my videos have failed to upload 3 times, and my blog posts take forever to do, and I don’t really have that much time. I’m not sure why my videos are failing because I promise I’m doing everything right! We are going to Germany today and I won’t have Internet unless I use my phone, so I can’t really do anything about the videos or posts. I will still do little update posts like this but they won’t be like the official day posts that I will work on when I am home (or back to Paris). Just wanted to let you know that just because I can’t post them right now doesn’t mean that I’m not vlogging!! I have a ton of footage and am still vlogging! So expect it in the next few weeks! I will probably actually have a couple question posts up while I’m in germany because I will have more time. Talk to you probably tomorrow! Or tonight! Bye


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