LivTravels: Europe Day 1


Guess where I am!?


It’s been a crazy day.  It’s 8 PM right now where I am, but 2 at home.  I was feeling pretty awful earlier today, but now I’m just tired!  I didn’t have much time to film today, so I just took lots of pictures!  I promise I’ll have my video for tomorrow up tomorrow night or Friday morning if the internet decides to work properly.  So, here’s today’s list of things we did & pictures!

So, when we got off the plane, it was about 12 PM France time.  (or 6 AM my original time). The first thing we did was get a taxi, and got to our hotel.  I will be doing a tour of our hotel room for tomorrow’s video I hope, so you’ll be able to see what we have here!  After we got settled in, we went for a look around town.  We walked quite a bit, and ended up getting a few things.  If you are wondering, we are staying around the l’odeon area.  We mainly just browsed around, and there’s not much I can really say, so I’m just going to show you the pictures!

I’ll talk to you tomorrow!  Goodnight!


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