Motivational Monday: Everyone Hates Mondays…

Happy Monday!  (Well actually Sunday!)

Let’s face it.  Everyone hates mondays.  And I mean everyone.  You’re back from the weekend, ready for a whole five day week.  Well, I’m here to tell you how to hate mondays a little less!  Haha.

Tip 1. Have a tradition on every monday to help treat yourself a bit.  Find your favourite thing to do, and do it!  Wether it’s shopping around the mall for 20 minutes, or baking some cookies, this is perfect!  Just make sure it’s easy enough that you know you can do it every monday.

Tip 2. Take breaks.  Go for a walk, paint your nails, read a book.  Any little break can have you come back feeling refreshed.

Tip 3. Listen to music.  If you are the type of person that likes music, then listen to it while you work!  It can brighten up your day a bit.

Tip 4.  Totally treat yourself!  Wear the clothes that make you feel most confident, buy a little treat from a coffee shop, let yourself have that scarf you’ve been wanting forever.

Tip 5.  After a long day, relax!  Once you have some free time at the end of the day, give yourself a pedicure, read a book, whatever makes you feel most relaxed.


OK, so that’s it for this motivational monday!  I’m not quite too sure if I’ll have the next two weeks’ Motivational Mondays up because I’ll be away.  I hope you have a great week!  Talk to you soon!


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