Liv’s Life: Monthly Survey #1

Hey guys! So today I’m going to write about my favourite things and just a quick summary of my life so I can look back on this post years from now, and see how different I am!! I am putting this on my blog because I thought it would be a good way for you guys to get to know me more too! I will be doing these around once a month to just kind of summarize what’s going on with me and my life! Also, expect two more new series later today and tomorrow!

Date: April 3rd, 2012

Favourite songs: Drops of Jupiter by Train, With You by Colorfire, Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift, Two is Better Than One covered by Luke Conard and Ingrid, Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift

Favourite TV shows: Big Brother, Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Pretty Little Liars

Favourite Movie: The Hunger Games!!

Favourite Book: The Hunger Games trilogy, Pretty Little Liars series.

Favourite Colour: Tiffany blue and purple

Favourite Season: summer!

Favourite things to do: shop, blog, go on my computer, eat chocolate, hang out with family and friends, write, listen to music surprisingly.

Favourite subject in school: English

Thing looking forward to: Paris and Germany in a week today! Summertime, Canada day, to be home from school!

Current nail polish: Essie lilacism with revlon silver dollar on my ring fingers (check my instagram for fresh paints!), china glaze flip flop fantasy on toes!

What are you doing right now? Listening to Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift!  Writing this post, just got home!

Current weather: sunny, but cold!

Things happening today: Trying to edit my school project on my iPad.

Favourite item: my iPad or computer!

Things I really want right now: Check out my Paris Wishlist!  I also really want one of the new spring Coach bags!

Things planning on blogging soon: a Glam Up post, Some Sparkle post, more tags, another spotlight?, another webfind.

So, I am going to be posting a lot tonight, so keep an eye open!  I’ll talk to you again with another post like this at the beginning of May!  If you like reading me answering questions, check out my Q&A category here.  Talk to you very soon!


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