You know how obsessed I am with the internet!? Well, I’ve decided to make a new series all about my awesome web finds!  I always find cool stuff on stumbleupon too, but those aren’t always websites that I follow a lot (they’re just one time things).  So the stumbleupon series is still going to be going like it is now, but I’m going to be adding a new series that is all about cool websites.  I’m not quite too sure how much I’m going to be posting in this series, because some weeks I’ll find like three new awesome websites, but some weeks I’ll find none.  Most of the websites I will be mentioning will be underrated, and not really heard of, but great things.  Some of the websites won’t be things that I’ll follow a ton, but great to know are out there.  As always, I’m only going to be posting about things I actually like and would use/follow.  So, starting today, I’ll have a couple up!  (or one that’s merged!)

Also, I will be doing better posts on CraftGawker, Pinterest, and Polyvore.

Talk to you in a few ;)


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