A Bit of Glitter: My Paris 2012 Wishlist!

Paris 2012 Wishlist!

AHHHH I’m so excited!

ANYWAYS..before I get into this post, how do you like my new theme!?  I love it!  I am a very simple person, and I love the old theme, but I wasn’t too big on the font, so I just realized you could upgrade the theme!  Hello 2011 theme!  Is there a 2012?

So, if you aren’t into fashion and beauty stuff, you probably won’t enjoy this post!  Haha, everything I want is under that category…

If you didn’t know, I will be going to France and Germany in about 10 days!  (Which btw, I just downloaded the iMovie app, so I’m good to go on uploading!!)  I promised I’d share my wishlist on here, and then do a haul post on everything that I got!  It’s not going to be a massive wishlist like my usual wishlists because I know that they will have tons of no name stores with really nice clothing, so I’m trying to hold off on specific things.  Let’s get into it!!

Illamasqua Lipstick in Brink
NARS Smudge Proof Eye Primer
MAC Springsheen Blush
MAC Melon Pigment
MAC Call Me Bubbles Eyeshadow Quad
MAC 150 Brush
Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams in 15 and 18
A Foundation…Make Up For Ever HD?  Laura Mercier Silk Cream?

Coral or Creamsicle Blazer
Coral or Creamsicle Shorts or Pants
Sheer Chiffon Tops
Stackable Bracelets
Something Sparkly or Sequined!!
Edgy Jewlery

So, that’s it for my wishlist!  I will maybe be adding a few things along the way, but the next 10  days will be so busy!  I’ll talk to you soon!

*Picture from my Polyvore

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