TGIF: I Love Sequins!

Happy Friday!  Welcome to a four day week!

So, this week I’ve been obsessed with three things.  Two songs, quotes, and looking at things to buy in Paris.  I also have been loving reading about some DIYs to do.  The two songs are “Ours” and “Sparks Fly” by Taylor Swift.  Just very typical ‘Olivia’ songs.  The next topic I want to talk about is the quotes that I’ve been finding.  I find quite a few amazing quotes on stumbleupon, and also, if I just am curious to find another quote, I’ll go on google or google images, and just search _____ quotes.  If I’d like something motivational, I’ll write that, or whatever.  Quotes have really gotten me through my everyday life recently, so I’d definitely recommend checking some out!  All of my Motivational Mondays include them too.

This month I’ve been looking at things to buy in Paris as well.  Lots of clothing and nail polish!  I’ve been getting a lot of items to add to my big list (which by the way, I’ll be doing a post on my Europe wishlist!) from Pinterest.  If you search hair & beauty, or women’s apparel, you’ll find lots and lots of inspiration.  Same with Polyvore!  If you explore other users’ sets, you can find some really great ideas!

OK.  I’m so obsessed with sequins I can’t hold it in.  They’re everywhere, and they’re so my style!  I of course would never wear them all over, but little hints of sequins is always nice!  I have a whole board on my Pinterest on just sequins, and things I would buy.  There’s a sweater by Juicy Couture that is grey and plain, except for on the front (not sleeves) where it has all sequins.  AHHHHH.  It’s so me because it’s so plain, but with SPARKLE..  Anyways, I better go, it’s getting kind of late!  Talk to you tomorrow!


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