DIY Easter Treats

Hey guys!  I love Easter!  Who doesn’t!?  I have already done a post on DIY Easter gifts, so  today is going to be DIY Easter treats!  Here we go…


Top Left: Egg Cookies!  I actually think these are dog cookies, but you can easily just shape regular cookies into these!

Top Right: Cupcakes with bird nests.  You can just take a regular cupcake, put some brown icing on top and add some mini candy eggs, and you’re good to go!  These look so cute!

Bottom Left: Rabbit Cupcakes!  So adorable, and so simple!

Bottom Right: Garden Cake!  I think this is intended to be a centrepiece, but you could use this for inspiration for a cake too!  Instead of the plastic picket fence, you can use icing, and use flowers made of icing.  Great idea!

*All links are attached to images*

So, that’s it for now!  I’ll probably have another post up tonight (:  

PS.  What do you think of the coloured writing?  Yay or nay?  I promise I’ll only do it for certain things from now on (:  LOL it’s a little annoying to read after a while..

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