A Bit Of Glitter: How To Scrunch Your Hair

Hello! Happy almost Friday! So for another beauty related post, I thought I’d talk about scrunching my hair this morning.

Yesterday night I washed my hair and braided it while it was still wet. I braided about three sections (I would of done more, but my hair is pretty thin), and then folded all of the braids to three buns all over my head. Yes, it looked ridiculous, but it was only for sleeping! My hair came out a little wavy in the morning when I took them all down, but I knew they would totally fall by the time the day was over. (Quick little off topic story) Around this time last year, I bought this stuff for scrunching your hair, and hated it. I put it on when my hair was damp, and it did absolutely nothing except for made my hair look dirty. Anyways, I tried it this morning when my hair was already wavy (and it was completely dry), and it worked perfect! I only used like two pea sized amounts, and some hairspray for curly hair, and it still looks great! All I did was scrunch my hair when it was down after it already being wavy, and it’s perrrfeeccttt…


So, to break that down…

1. Braid your hair in the night time (the more braids, the more curls).

2. Wake up!  Take the braids out and begin scrunching with a scrunching gel.  (I used Herbal Essences Curl Scrunching Gel)  You can also use sea salt and water in a spray bottle.

3. Spray with some hairspray, and you’re good to go!

I’m not quite too sure what happened to this original post…so I had to re-do like half of it!  If you were wondering why it’s a bit different that’s why!  Now that it’s Saturday, I’ll be posting today again!  Talk to you soon!


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