Liv’s Life: My 25 Top Played Songs!

Hello again!  I’m always super, super interested in what people listen to for music, so I’m going to make a whole post about mine!  This is just going by what my iTunes says, which I’ve had for about a year and four months now.

Two Is Better Than One-Ingrid and Luke Conard-55 plays
Lighters-Alex Goot, Chad Sugg, Luke Conard-51 plays
With You-Colorfire-51 plays
Drops of Jupiter-Train-49 plays
Safe and Sound-Taylor Swift-44 plays
Back to December-Taylor Swift-41 plays
Stereo Hearts-Gym Class Heros-33 plays
Secrets-OneRepublic-32 plays
Rumour Has It/Someone Like You-Glee-31 plays
California-Mindy Gledhill-27 plays
Hunger Games “I Wanna Go” Parody-WinterSpringPro-27 plays
Forget You-Cee Lo Green-24 plays
I Like it Like That-Hot Chelle Rae-24 plays
Moves Like Jagger-Maroon 5-24 plays
Pretty Eyes-Alex Goot-23 plays (going on 24 right now!)
Talk Nerdy-Luke Conard and Ryan Seiler-22 plays
To The Sky-Owl City-20 plays
Mean-Taylor Swift-20 plays
Island in the Sun-Weezer-20 plays
You and I-Lady GaGa-19 plays
Heaven’s Gonna Wait-Hedley-19 plays
Just Can’t Get Enough-Black Eyed Peas-17 plays
Light Up the World-Glee-17 plays
For the Nights I Can’t Remember-Hedley-17 plays (which is surprising, this is one of my top 3 fav songs!)
Perfect-Hedley-17 plays

This is just my iTunes on my computer, which is my main source of music, but I do listen to a little bit on my iPad and computer!  The top six songs are probably my all time favourites!  Of course I love music that’s newer right now, but those are just oldies but goodies (:  Btw, I will be doing the iTunes shuffle tag soon!  Maybe tonight…I just feel like I really want to put lots of posts up when I have the chance because sometimes I am too busy…we’ll see!  Now it’s time for the best food combo ever..grilled cheese, pickles, and chocolate milk! ;)  Talk to you soon!


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