Motivational Monday: More Opportunities Will Come Your Way.

Happy (Sunday) Monday!  So I was just looking up some quotes to add into this motivational monday, when I came a cross a quote that honestly just spoke to me, and knew I had to add it into today’s post.  The post I was working on will be next week’s, but right now I thought I would just focus on this one quote.

The quote is actually by Dr. Suess, and it’s “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”.  I feel like that’s like my life quote!  Since about December, I’ve been going through a little rough patch with school, and stress, and headaches, and I have just been thinking about the future, and thinking about things that I’m excited for, and only thinking about those things.  I haven’t realized that I should be thankful for what I have, and for all of the opportunities that I have had.  I’m totally not the kind of person to be just happy to be here, and to smile over the little things, but I think I need to start thinking about them just a little bit.  I’m always so upset after something fun happens because it’s what I’ve been excited for for like months and months.  I need to realize that my life isn’t boring, and that I will always have something to be excited for.  I think that it’s like my biggest issue with myself, and I’d kind of like to change it.  I can still be excited for things, just know that when they’re over, at the end of the day, something awesome will happen, and my life isn’t all about going somewhere, and doing things that I don’t typically do.  Anyways, I better go, because the day is getting a little late, but, yeah, just be excited for the future, but not too excited.

Talk to you soon!
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