Merging: I’m Sick AGAIN, The Hunger Games Movie, && I Love Ice Cream Cake

Hey guys!  Before I get into this post, I just wanted to say that this post is going to be in the Liv’s Life, Spotlight, and Hunger Games category!  I think all three things would be too short for one post themselves, and it would take a lot more time for me to do them, so you get a three in one today!

So I’m sick.  Again.  All of the sudden Friday before I went to the movie, my throat was killing me, and I woke up yesterday sick with a headache just in time for the family birthdays at my house.  Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that that’s why I couldn’t put a post up yesterday, and probably won’t put any other ones up today, because this is kind of my recovery day.  I don’t know why I am sick again seeing that I was just sick for a span of three days a few weeks ago :(.  Yesterday marked my 30th headache of 2012.  How fun.

So the second thing I wanted to talk about was The Hunger Games movie!  (Just so you know, I’m writing this without my glasses on, so if I make any mistakes I’m sorry!!)  The movie was amazing!  We were in the third row which sucked because there were no seats left, and I wasn’t feeling that great, but I still enjoyed it!  Being completely honest, I think they could of made it a bit longer!  I don’t know if it’s because I read the books so I knew what was going to happen or what, but it seemed a little short to me!  The movie was very, very similar the book which I really liked, but I would still recommend reading the book before you see the movie itself!  I think that they made everything perfect, except for the person they casted as Peeta.  I think everyone was great, but in the books I always thought of Peeta being a little arrogant, and Josh Hutcherson looks and played Peeta as being a little arrogant.  That’s why I’m team Gale!!  They also could of made it a little more interesting by focusing more on more time in the actual games, but I also think they could of spent more time in District 12…I don’t know…I guess like I said it was a little too short!  But I think Catching Fire will be AMAZING!  I must admit, I thought it was really, really slow when I was reading it, but looking back on it, the Quarter Quell was awesome!  Anyways, that’ll be in another review coming soon!

Before I go, I just wanted to talk about my new obsession!  I love Dairy Queen blizzard ice cream cake!  This is like my fifth time eating this cake in the matter of like four years, and it’s so good!  It’s the chocolate one with the amazing middle part!  I have never tasted something better then that middle part in my life!  A couple years ago, my mom and I went in there and asked them if we could just buy the middle part of it.  It’s kind of expensive, but it’s so worth it!  Go buy itttttttttttt!!!!!!!!

Happy Sunday, talk to you soon!


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