TGIF: Draw Something && The Hunger Games!

Happy Friday!  This is gonna be a pretty quick post because guess what?!

I’m going to see THE HUNGER GAMEEESSSSSSSSS…..AHHHH.  I’ll have a little post about it in a couple days too!  Anyways, into TGIF!

So this week has been pretty crazy for me, with lots of assignments to do.  So I thought I’d just share a few things that I’ve found this week that I enjoyed.  The first thing was the song “A Thousand Miles” covered by Boyce Avenue and Alex Goot.  It’s another one of those songs where you always hear it, but never know it.  I went crazy like a mad man trying to figure out what it was, until I finally found it.  This is just the type of song where I love the music so much that it makes me want to play piano!  Amazing song!  The next thing has been the application ‘Draw Something’.  I’ve been playing it back and forth with Karly lately, and it’s really fun!  It’s basically like pictionary except it’s for your iPad or iPhone.  Another thing…I am obsessed with China Glaze For Audrey.  I haven’t had time to post a pic on my instagram yet, but it’s so pretty!  Just a classic turquoise or tiffany blue.

If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you’ll know that I love summer!  Well, it’s been very, very hot here (at least for march!)!  It’s been like 26 degrees!  Everything summer has been my obsession!  Bright clothes, flip flops, you name it!  Fudgesicles and ice cream is another love of mine..Oh, and before I go, I’m going to give myself a bit of a break for my writing post of the week…sorry!  I still have to do my plane experience post, and I’ve been really busy this week, and have two assignments due and a huge math test next week!   But expect lots more posts on weekends!  Once I get into June I’ll be posting a lot!  Well, actually I’m not sure because I’ll be busy, but I won’t have any big assignments due!

Talk to you guys soon!  Have an awesome weekend! (:


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